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Track Name: OS X Lion
took down all the deities and demigods from off the wall
10 cent women were stringing up 25 cent words from the ceiling
helped my baby down off her pedestal
we got high in the kitchen
and watched the night become electric
in white

i feel you baby

sitting down here sad as hell
listening to Adele
i feel you baby
Track Name: Paris
Paris you are
a farmhouse on fire
the light of new york city from an airplane ride
bare feet on the wood floor
lightning in my hand
words they lose their meaning but you understand
Paris you are
a song up in my head
a door outside off it hinges that I painted red
death as a train
or a box down in the earth
or a nation in the throes of a violent birth
Paris you are
the shape of things to come
a demi-god in a white dress in the evening sun
a failed revolution
heartbreak hotel
sad eyed girls from the city saying they know me well
Paris you are
getting lost in the sound
the piano in the sun room of the sanatorium
the beatles after acid
leaving me in the lurch
the white wash paint peeling off a wooden church
the snow outside my window
light exploding in the dark
the re-evaluation of the world you love
Georgia's slow re-incarnation
your mama's mona lisa smile
sleeping in the garden just for a little while
the love down in the basement
the drugs down in my veins
standing on the front porch in the summer rain
the books we burned together
my morning whiskey bones
just a pretty voice now on the other end of the telephone
so yeah
Paris you are
the 4th of july
floating on our backs down the river
in the failing light